Who we are

Founded in May 2002, Tetra is an Engineering and business consultancy firm providing a variety of professional services from Electrical and Electronic works, mechanical works and installations, Metal fabrication, Civil works, Generator repairs and Fuel pump repairs.

Tetra tech is pioneered by a group of dynamic professionals of various experiences and disciplines. As a client, you will deal with a competent technical team that will discuss with you the steps that need to be taken, receive advice on strategy and ensure your objectives are achieved effectively and efficiently.

The Company's goal is to maximize efficiency by ensuring that each matter is handled by appropriate professionals with the requisite levels of expertise. Staffing within the firm ordinarily depends upon the needs of the works. Our Technicians can be relied upon in maintaining a close working knowledge of the task to involve themselves extensively in those aspects where the experience of a worker is most helpful to the client.

As all businesses require today, we are familiar with all and are able to communicate in all areas of technology, but we see one on one communication as the acid test to our success, whatever the medium. We at Tetra do not mind our own business, we listen to your needs and give not only technical advice that makes business sense but practical guidance using every day Language.

Our Practice

While our abilities are not limited in any way to these areas, our comprehensive works and business services include the following industry specializations: Overhead line construction, mechanical works and installations, General Electrical Installation, Installation and repair of air conditioners, Generators, General metal fabrications, installation and general repair of fuel pumps, building plans, renovation and alterations, road works, structural designers, pompy grills and Concrete works among others. The firm counsels its clients on how to avoid problems, provides representation in negotiations, and handles all phases of litigation.

What to expect

.To receive warm and friendly treatment from a team of brilliant and motivated professionals. .Results that will be expediently achieved. .Quality work that has been done professionally. .Delivery on time, not only of what you require but also with the finest touch of professionalism you will ever get from across the globe

Tetra environment policy guidelines

The principal Concern of Tetra is to follow the best environment practice both in the engineering services for clients and in the management of all other affiliate services. Our corporate aim is to recognize the importance of environmental issues in the work we undertake. The policy consists of objectives that are designed to ensure a continued improvement in environment performance. These objectives relate to two areas: Environmental issues affecting the work environment and the impact of our project work on other environments.

Work Environment

To set target levels of environmental performance and to ensure that all potential environmental impacts are considered
To continually monitor and improve environmental performance and prevention of pollution through the development and implementation of monitoring programs and the inclusion of environmental performance as part of the business management systems.

Project environment

That environmental implications are satisfactory considered in our project work. Conserve and enhance the environment in and around our project locations as part of any project we are involved in. Tetra will comply with all environmental legislations and regulations applicable to the works and project environments. Tetra intends to remain at the forefront of the application of environment standards by engineering contractors.


What drives us?

To be there for our customers in their most desperate hours. We strive to maintain excellent relationships with our clients nationwide. To provide excellent service to clients.

Our goal

To maximize efficiency by ensuring that each matter is handled by appropriate professionals with the requisite levels of expertise.